Electronic sports. Video games that require high levels of skill in areas including hand-eye coordination, strategical thinking, and team cooperation. Games that are not only challenging to master, but fun to watch. The next generation of sports is coming at an ever-increasing pace. We're here to help you get there.

Casters, commentators, professionals, celebrities. The industry of eSports is a vibrant fountain of opportunity, waiting for young leaders and skilled athletes to pave the way forward. Our club here in Middleton High School strives to nurture budding individuals who have a passion for taking video gaming beyond just a medium of entertainment by granting many opportunities to compete in local tournaments, online gaming leagues, and self improvement.

We require that our club members maintain a grade of at least a C in each of their classes in order to participate in our club meetings, which are usually once per week after school for one to two hours. In these club meetings, we practice and build team skills and sportsmanship by playing these games and discussing strategies. Our coaches help train and assist players in theig game - analyzing gameplay and providing feedback. Our coordinators plan brackets, practice groups, online play sessions, and community events to keep the club organized and arrange unique and fun experiences.

Our club currently offers the following competitive games:

Hearthstone: A 1v1 strategic turn-based card game similar to Magic: The Gathering.

Heroes of the Storm: A team-based 5v5 battle arena featuring Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft characters.

League of Legends: A traditional 5v5 battle arena with an emphasis on individual skill, with over 100 unique Champions to master.

Super Smash Bros: A 1v1 fighting game developed by Nintendo with many nuances in ability usage, combo management, and outsmarting the enemy. Features characters from various Nintendo franchises as well as third parties.